I have many people to thank for their support, love and guidance.  First and foremost, my husband, Matt and our three boys, Noah, Zach and Jeremy.  Without them, this adventure would not have been possible.

Leslie, your belief, that I could overcome so many long-standing obstacles helped to propel me from a very dark place to where I am today, confident and comfortable with myself and my body.

Donna, thank you for always answering and researching questions, talking shop and providing me with suggestions and opinions. You are an amazing cheerleader.

Marnie, you have coached me through the social media/blogging/business world by sharing your knowledge and providing me with suggestions and ideas.  The journey is just beginning, so thanks for hanging in here with me!

Coach Mel, you helped me to get my groove back, gain strength and confidence and feel good about myself and my goals.  I am incredibly grateful for your support and encouragement, your advice and the opportunities you have given me.

Coach Ben and Coach Heather, I am thankful to you for introducing me to Crossfit and Paleo. I have been lucky to have your guidance, knowledge and support.

Thanks to everyone else who read the early versions of my posts and for encouraging me to set up the blog!